Encuentro con México por los más necesitados A.C. (E.M.) is a non-profit organization that arises from the concern to offer greater opportunities in the communities that live in extreme marginalization in our country. Seeking that they are the main architects of change, we work through the methodology of human development, which places people at its center. In this sense, the organization pursues people to develop their potential, increase their possibilities, and enjoy the freedom to live the life they value, accompanying them and offering social promotion processes. 

 We encourage the human promotion of people in their community with a model that consolidates people’s way of living based on entrepreneurship, education, and health. Hence, they have the necessary conditions to carry out their dreams and leave the subsistence cycle in which they live due to the lack of opportunities.

As a social organization, our objective is to be a network of committed individuals who work to trigger processes of social promotion.

E.M. has been working with more than twenty-two communities in the municipality of Cochoapa for more than five years. It has managed to settle permanently. Thus, they have increased the social connection between volunteers from the organization and the community.

Overall Objective

Offer and accompany processes of human promotion to the extremely marginalized communities of the country through entrepreneurship, the strengthening of education, and essential health services with a solid volunteer program for social change.


Empathy: To be with the others; Recognize the dignity of the others as a person, learning from their values ​​and capacities to enjoy and build a better society.

Synergy: The combined and constant effort of a group when they are working together, joining their efforts and skills, to achieve a better result.

Solidarity:  the firm and persistent determination to achieve the common good from the person’s dignity.